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Registration Information

STOP!  Please read the information and directions carefully before clicking the payment button.  You will NOT be registered unless you follow the two step directions.

Important Notice:  Please be advised that all PDSG message boards are open to the public free of charge, in read only format. You do not require an account to access the contents of the PDSG web site and message boards. You only need an account if you would like to join the community and post on the PDSG boards. The cost of having an account created is a one time fee of $10.00 US. All transactions are processed through the nonprofit's PayPal account. If you would like to join the PDSG community and post on the PDSG message boards, please follow the directions below to have your account set up.

Directions:  Please note that there is no self registration on the community boards of PDSG.  All accounts are created manually by the administration upon STEP 1 receipt of your payment notification from PayPal, and STEP 2 an email from you addressed to with your preferred user name and password. Administration will notify you by a response to your email, when your account has been set up. You will be asked to review the Board Rules and Privacy Policy as you will be agreeing with them with your first post. 



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