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Bar Removal Journal

Thursday, April 15th, 2004

In the last few months before bar removal, J was experiencing off and on discomfort with the bar, mostly the side stabilizers during his swim training. We met with Dr. Organ, the surgeon to discuss our options. He recommended that since we were approaching the two year mark of time the bar had been placed, it was a good time to schedule removal. J still had a small dip just below the bar but physically it was not affecting his results and cosmetically it looked fine. I expressed concerns about the possibility of the chest reverting after bar removal. The doctor indicated that there was only a 2-5% chance of this. The bar removal surgery was scheduled for Friday, June 18th, 2004.

Wednesday, June 16th 2004

J had the usual check up in town with his pediatrician that is to be completed about a week before surgery. For the pre surgery appointment, we had to travel to the hospital where the bar removal surgery was to be performed. The pre-surgery appointment consisted of checking on patient information, meeting with an anesthesiologist, an education session about the day of the surgery (when to arrive, where to go, restrictions, etc.)

Friday, June 18th 2004

The surgery was scheduled for 12:00 noon. We had to arrive at 10:30 a.m. The nurses registered J, checked his vital signs and provided medication to help him relax. This time the relaxant made J light headed and intoxicated but it also took care of the nervousness. He felt comfortable enough to have his IV placed before going into the operating room.

He was in surgery for a couple of hours and then we got called to the recovery unit. He woke shortly after we arrived and proceeded to continue in the humorous way I left him before. Apart from soreness in the throat and feeling very week, he was in good spirits. After about 1.5 hours he was discharged and we headed home.

During the four hour drive due to heavy traffic, J began to experience some pain with the incisions. He drank a soda and had a couple of crackers as well as some Advil to ease the pain. Unfortunately he could not keep it down due to usual after effect of surgery medication as well as car sickness. He was a bit uncomfortable for the rest of the ride.

Later in the evening he felt much better and managed to keep food down and take pain medication. He wanted to sleep on the couch in an upright position since he has trouble getting up and down. He made it through the night without additional pain medication.

The week after..

J was beginning to feel better with no need for pain medication. He was able to sleep more comfortably in his bed although still not on his sides. Initially he had a lot of swelling with the incisions but slowly it began to diminish. After a week he was beginning to get restless and missed his regular physical activities.

Thursday July 1st, 2004

J had his post bar removal surgery follow up today. Everything went well and the doctor advised that J could resume normal activities. He suggested vitamin e cream and light rubbing/massage of the scars to keep the scar tissue from building up. Next check up in 6 months post bar removal and will include a pulmonary function test.

Fall 2004

J had a reoccurance of the condition in the months following the bar removal attributed to his delayed growth continuing well into his late teens. Please select Nuss Redo and Nuss Redo Pics from the menue for more information.